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My Review of the Cheap Amazon Cold Plunge

cheap amazon cold plunge

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If you're someone who's into fitness and wellness, you've probably heard of the cold plunge. A cold plunge is a form of hydrotherapy that involves immersing your body in cold water for a short period of time. This practice is said to have numerous health benefits. Including reducing inflammation, boosting circulation, and improving mental clarity.

There are plenty of cold plunge tubs out there, but many of them can cost a fortune. Luckily, if you're looking to do the cold plunge at home, there are more affordable options available. One such option is the Cheap Amazon Cold Plunge, also known as the Polar Recovery Tub. In this post, I'll be dedicating my time to sharing my review of this product and whether or not I recommend it to my readers.

I know that finding the right cold plunge tub can be overwhelming, especially when you're on a budget. That's why I'm excited to share our experience with the Cheap Amazon Cold Plunge. We'll be taking a closer look at the product's features, ease of use, and overall effectiveness. By the end of this post, you'll have a better idea of whether or not this product is right for you.

Benefits of Cold Plunging

Cold plunges have become increasingly popular for their health benefits. And there are various ways to experience them. The most common way is through cold water immersion, which can be done in an ice barrel, cold plunge tub, or even a hot tub with cool water temperatures. Here are some benefits of cold plunges:

  • Improves the immune system and circulation by increasing blood flow and constricting blood vessels 
  • Reduces muscle soreness and inflammation 
  • Stimulates the release of endorphins, which can help with stress relief and mood enhancement
  • Increases heart rate, which can help with cardiovascular health. • Boosts metabolism and can aid in weight loss
  •  Improves overall skin and hair health

There are various options available for experiencing the benefits of cold water immersion. Indoor or outdoor options are available. And insulated covers can help cool the water. Base models can be affordable, and bags of ice can be used to cool the water. The recommended time for a cold plunge session is 15 minutes. Plunge pools can be installed at home or at a gym for easy access to the benefits of cold water immersion.

Overall, the benefits of cold plunges can be significant for both physical and mental health. The long-term health benefits can make it a worthwhile investment. Luckily, I found the perfect affordable solution for you to try out before investing in an expensive tub.

My Review of the Cheap Amazon Cold Plunge

review of amazon cold plunge

1. Easy to Assemble

The Amazon cold plunge is a great option for those who are looking for an easy and quick way to assemble a cold plunge tub to use at home. The base model is simple to put together with easy and straight-forward instructions. The assembly can easily be completed by one person. The tub comes with all of the necessary parts and a set of instructions to guide you while assembling it. It's recommended to have a hose nearby to fill the tub with water. But other than that, you don't need any special tools or equipment.

2. Comes With a Stretch Cover  

The cold plunge tub comes with a stretch cover that keeps it clean and protected from the elements. This cover is also great for keeping debris and leaves out of the tub, ensuring that you have a clean and refreshing experience every time you use it. The cover fits snugly over the top of the tub and is easy for one person to put on. We keep our cold plunge outside on our porch. So this is especially important to make sure it stays clean. Also, the cover for the tub is easy to remove and clean when the top of it gets dirty from debris and leaves falling on it.

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3. Not the Sturdiest Option Out There

While the Amazon cold plunge is a great temporary solution for cold water immersion, it is not the sturdiest option out there. The top of the tub collects water in the rain and eventually caves in. So it's not recommended to leave it outside for long periods of time. This means that it may not be a long-term solution. And you may need to look for a more durable option if you plan on using it frequently.

The tub is made from a lightweight and flexible material that can be easily moved around. This is great for those who need to store the tub away when not in use or for those who want to move it around their backyard or patio. However, this material is not as sturdy as other options. And it may not hold up as well over time.

It's also important to keep in mind that the tub is not meant to withstand heavy use or abuse. If you plan on using it frequently or have multiple people using it at once, it may not be the best option for you. However, if you're looking for a temporary solution or something that you can use occasionally, the Amazon cold plunge is a great choice.

4. Great Workout Recovery Tool

One of the main benefits of cold water immersion is its ability to help with muscle soreness and aid in workout recovery. The Amazon cold plunge is a great tool for this. It provides a refreshing and energizing experience that can help you recover faster and feel more energized after a workout.

The cold water can help reduce inflammation and improve blood flow, which can speed up the recovery process and reduce muscle soreness. Additionally, the cold water can help stimulate the release of endorphins. Which can help improve your mood and reduce stress levels.

Using the Amazon cold plunge as a workout recovery tool is easy and straightforward. Simply fill the tub with cold water, add some ice to cool it down if needed, and then immerse yourself in the water for 10-15 minutes. You can do this after a workout or on rest days to help speed up the recovery process and reduce muscle soreness.

5. Easy to Cool Down Water Temperatures

Another great feature of the Amazon cold plunge is its ability to cool down water temperatures quickly and easily. You can add bags of ice to the tub to cool the water down to your desired temperature, making it a customizable experience that can be tailored to your preferences.

The ability to cool down the water temperature is important because it allows you to adjust the intensity of the cold water immersion experience. If you're new to cold water immersion, you may want to start with a warmer temperature and gradually work your way down to a colder temperature over time.

It's recommended to stay in the tub for at least 3 minutes to get the full health benefits. Such as improved blood flow and a boost to your immune system. However, you can adjust the time based on your preferences and comfort level. Most people start somewhere around 2 minutes and work their way up over time.

In conclusion, the Amazon cold plunge is a great option for those who want to try out cold water immersion without breaking the bank. While it may not be the sturdiest option out there, it's easy to assemble, comes with a stretch cover, and is a great workout recovery tool. Just be aware of its limitations and use it as a temporary solution. The ability to cool down the water temperature also makes it a customizable experience that can be tailored to your preferences.

Is the Cold Plunge Worth It?

If you're looking for an affordable way to test out cold plunging, this Cheap Amazon Cold Plunge is a great option. It's easy to use and effective overall, providing a refreshing and invigorating experience.

Compared to more expensive cold plunges, this one is much simpler in design and lacks some of the bells and whistles of its pricier counterparts. However, it still delivers a solid cold plunge experience.

Using the Cheap Amazon Cold Plunge is straightforward and hassle-free. Simply fill it with cold water and ice, step in, and submerge yourself. The compact size makes it easy to store and transport, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

One thing to keep in mind is that the size of the plunge is quite small. So it may not be the best option for larger individuals or those looking to fully submerge their bodies. Additionally, the plastic construction may not hold up as well over time compared to more expensive options made with higher-quality materials.

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Overall, this cold plunge is a great way to test out whether cold plunging is something you'll enjoy and stick to. However, if you're looking for a long-term solution, you may want to invest in a more expensive option down the line.

Like I previously stated, the Cheap Amazon Cold Plunge is a decent option for those looking to try out cold plunging without breaking the bank. While it may not be the most durable or high-quality option on the market, it gets the job done and provides a refreshing cold plunge experience.

That being said, if you're just starting out with cold plunging or don't want to invest a lot of money upfront, the Cheap Amazon Cold Plunge is definitely worth considering. It's easy to set up and use. And provides a refreshing way to cool down and recover after a workout or on a hot day.

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