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About Me...

I'm a lifestyle blogger and content creator living in Atlanta, Georgia. I'm a wife to my husband, Gil, and mom to my pup Kobe. I'm passionate about travel, fashion, and wellness, all of which you can find me sharing on here. 

Besides sharing content on my own platforms, I work with small businesses as a Social Video Strategist, helping them grow their business by taking video content creation off their plate and creating content that shows off their unique offers. 

After having a boutique in Atlanta for 3 years, I can't seem to pull myself away from apparel markets and the fashion industry. I love it too much! Now I help manage a showroom in Atlanta and work apparel markets throughout the year selling our lines.

When I'm not editing videos for my clients or selling clothes at market, you can probably find me out doing something active with my husband or planning our next trip! 

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