13 Going on 30 Birthday Theme: Ideas for a Memorable 30th Birthday

I turned 30 this year and wanted a fun birthday theme that would get me excited to celebrate this new chapter in my life. After some brainstorming, I realized that the perfect theme for my 30th birthday would be "13 Going on 30". This classic movie starring Jennifer Garner is a fun and nostalgic way to celebrate the transition from my twenties to my thirties.

Planning a themed birthday party can be a lot of work, but it's also a lot of fun. It's a chance to get creative and bring your favorite movie or book to life. For me, planning a "13 Going on 30" party has been a great way to get excited about turning 30. It's a chance to celebrate all the good times I've had so far and look forward to the adventures that are yet to come.

If you're thinking about throwing a "13 Going on 30" party for your own 30th birthday, I'm here to help. In this post, I'll be sharing my tips and tricks for pulling off the perfect celebration. From decorations to food to party favors, I've got you covered. So, let's get started!

13 Going on 30 Party Ideas

Poise Magazine Cover

For my 13 Going on 30 themed party, I wanted to create a Poise magazine cover, just like in the movie. My friend Hailee Wilkes designed the cover and I had it printed to look like the cover of a magazine. Since I was pressed on time, we only did the cover; however, if you are ahead of the game I think it would be so cute to make a little magazine for your guests! You could include your life updates and goals for 30 or you could include photos with all of your guests and write a little about how much they mean to you. This idea coincides with the movie because the main character, Jenna, was the editor-in-chief of Poise magazine.

Themed Drinks (Dirty Thirty Martini)

Another great idea for the party is to serve themed drinks, such as a Dirty Thirty Martini. I thought this was a fun and unique way to add some adult flair to the party. You could create a signature drink menu with different cocktails named after characters or events from the movie! I just used one of my favorite cocktail recipes and named it the "Dirty Thirty Martini" and served it in disco ball cups with a cute little sign.

Updated Spin Off of One of Jennifer Garner's Movie Outfits

A fun way to get your guests involved in the 13 Going on 30 theme is to have them dress like Jennifer Garner's iconic character, Jenna, in the movie. She has so many fun looks that are easy to recreate! I love this idea because it's a great way to incorporate your guests' creativity and fashion in the party. 

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If you don't think your guests will enjoy dressing up, there are still plenty of ideas to have fun with the theme! You, being the main character anyways, can dress like Jennifer Garner and have fun putting together your own version of one of her outfits. Another easy idea is to provide the eye masks Jenna wears in the movie and other fun themed props to take photos with.

Overall, these party ideas are a great way to bring the movie "13 Going on 30" to life and create a fun and memorable experience for all of your guests.

13 Going on 30 Party Decorations

If you're planning a 13 Going on 30 themed party, you'll want to make sure your decorations are on point. Here are some ideas for decorations that will transport your guests back to 1987.

Movie Cover Photos

One of the easiest ways to set the tone for your party is to use movie cover photos as decorations. Print out posters of the movie and hang them on the walls or use them as a backdrop for a photo booth. You can also use stills from the movie and frame them as decorations.


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Razzles were a popular candy in the 80s and play a memorable role in the movie. Scatter them on tables or use them as part of your centerpieces. You can also create a candy bar with different types of 80s candy, including Razzles.

Vintage "Year You Were Born" Napkins

Add a personal touch to your party by incorporating the year you were born on napkins. Use vintage napkins with the year printed on them or create your own with a stamp or sticker.

Disco Balloons and Cups

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No 80s party is complete without disco balls. Hang them from the ceiling or use them as part of your centerpieces. You can also use disco ball cups for drinks to add some extra sparkle to your party.

These decorations will help transport your guests back to 1987 and make your 13 Going on 30 themed party a hit.

13 Going on 30 Birthday Cakes

As I was planning my 13 Going on 30 themed birthday party, I thought of many creative ways to play up the theme with the cake. After all, the cake is the centerpiece of any birthday celebration! Here are a few ideas that I came up with for 13 Going on 30 birthday cakes.

13 Going on 30 Movie Themed Cake

There are endless ways to create a 13 Going on 30 movie themed cake! If you work with a talented cake designer, you can really make your dreams come to life. You could design the cake after one of the movie posters, have the cake look like the cover of Poise magazine, or even make a cake decked out in razzles to play into the movie theme. Below are some ideas I found to give you some inspiration! 

Number 30 Cupcakes

For a super easy option, you can either buy or bake your own cupcakes and set them up in the shape of a "30" to celebrate your birthday! If you want to have some fun with the display, you can make them a showstopper by having them be the centerpiece of a table on a tray and decorating them, making the cupcakes look connected like a cake. I've put some visuals below to see what I'm talking about! 

In conclusion, planning a 13 going on 30 themed 30th birthday party can be a fun and nostalgic way to celebrate this milestone in your life. From decorations and music to food and drinks, there are many creative ways to incorporate elements from the movie into your party. Whether you choose to go all out or keep it simple, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the company of your loved ones. So, put on your favorite 80s outfit, dance to some Madonna, and enjoy your 30th birthday party that will make you feel like a kid again.

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