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How to Make a Pampas Pumpkin


Anyone else like me and can’t stand the traditional “Halloween” aesthetic? If bright colored decor isn’t your thing, well you’ve come to the right place. I saw a version of this “pampas pumpkin” last year and was so obsessed that I’m still here thinking about it a year later! I’ve never seen anything like this sold in stores, so I decided to make one for myself. And trust me.. if I can do this, literally anyone can!


What you’ll need:

Step 1: Cut a hole in your pumpkin


First, take your box cutter and slowly cut a hole around the stem of your white craft pumpkin at the top. My pumpkin was pretty thick so it took me going around a few times to really get a good clean cut.

Step 2: Place your floral frog inside


Next, take your floral frog and place it in the center of your pumpkin. Why they named this thing a “frog” is beyond me but it’s the best invention ever. It may seem like it will slide around but once you start putting your florals in it, the frog will stay put in the middle.

Step 3: Add your tallest pampas first in the frog


Now for the pampas! Start with your tallest pampas grass and stick it in the needles of the frog at the bottom of your pumpkin. This will hold them upright so that they aren’t lumped over in your floral arrangement. Get the pampas how you would like it spread out first before you start mixing in other florals.

4. Start adding your other florals


After you have your pampas in there, start adding in your other florals. The more textures the better! I used bunny tails, shorter dark pampas, dried palm leaves, and a faux dried floral arrangement to fill mine. I like to add one texture at a time so I can spread them out so I don’t have clumps of one type of floral together. It makes it look more natural.

Step 5: Play with the arrangement until you love how it looks


There is really no rhyme or reason to creating your arrangement. The easiest thing to do is just keep adding and taking out pieces until you get it exactly how you like it. The beauty of playing with florals is you can make them as tight or as wide as you like. Depending on where you are going to display your pampas pumpkin is how I would decide how wide to make your arrangement. For example, mine is displayed on a large console table so I wanted to make it more of a fluffy, statement piece of decor.

Step 6: Wrap your garland around the pumpkin

As with the floral arrangement, it’s easiest to just play with your wooden garland until you love how it sits! I wrapped it around twice and left them overlapping so mine didn’t look super symmetrical. See how mine turned out below.

And…. you’re done!

Well, that was easy wasn’t it?

The whole reason why I love pampas so much is for it’s “effortless” and casual vibe. So when playing with pampas as decor, you really can’t mess it up!

If you are as pampas-obsessed as I am, stay tuned because I have a few other pampas projects I want to do coming up!


xo, McKenzie