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My Latest Amazon Favorites

My recent amazon purchases

My recent amazon purchases

My answer to almost every “WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?”…….”AMAZON!”

I have rounded up all of my latest Amazon finds that I am loving below. It was hard to narrow this list down, but I’ve picked my top 3 favorite finds in beauty, office, fashion, and home decor.

Check them out below and comment below if you have bought anything from Amazon you LOVE that needs to be on this list!


This $12 gua sha tool has become a regular in my routine now. It helps so much with lymphatic drainage and reducing puffiness in the mornings. You are basically giving yourself a facial massage and even without any benefits, it just feels AMAZING.

Here’s a video showing how to use it:

Hair claws are the perfect solution for those bad hair days or days you just don’t feel like putting in any effort. I have these and have been wearing them all the time! I love the colors they come in and that you get 4 for $12.

For my heavy hair girls… YOU NEED THESE. I love to wear my hair in a high ponytail while working out or in a messy bun with a cute outfit and these hair ties actually hold my hair up all day long. Whether you have long hair or thick hair, you’ll be so glad you got these.


This cute little phone stand is one of those items you never knew you needed until you have one. I love using mine while working because it helps me to not mindlessly get on my phone as much. It is great if you are playing music, videos, or listening to a podcast while getting work done.

I have $10 this wireless mouse and absolutely love it! The USB port stays plugged in my computer so I just throw the mouse in my purse and easily take it to wherever I am going to work for the day. My favorite thing about it is that it has no clicking sound. I didn’t realize how much a mouse clicking got on my nerves until I had a silent one!

This tiny $10 password book is a LIFESAVER. I keep all of my personal and business account passwords in it and keep it in my desk drawer. It is very small so I can easily throw it in my purse pocket when leaving the house to go work.


This longsleeve workout top is one of my favorites I’ve gotten from Amazon. For $26, the quality is legit and it comes in several colors!

I have been loving these sunglasses I found on Amazon! They are super affordable at just $14 but look expensive. I am actually wearing them right now while sitting outside in the sun typing this 😉

Since COVID, I feel like I’ve gotten a little high maintenance about my sweatpants! They have to be a certain softness and fit for me to love them. This pair gets the fit right and the cute ripped details are just a bonus.


Layer this beaded garland on a bookshelf or the coffee table for the cutest little boho accent in a room for only $12. I love the tassels and neutral colors because it will match any room.

This gold mirrored tray looks like you got it from an expensive vintage store, but is only $15! I was blown away when hearing a friend of mine got it on Amazon and had to get one for myself. So cute to display your perfumes, jewelry, or to make your skincare items in your bathroom look extra boujee.

I’ll admit I have way too many necklaces from having my own jewelry line, but this organizer is a beautiful way for any girl to display her jewels! It looks beautiful displayed on a dresser next to a jewelry box or perfumes.