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Austin, Texas Travel Guide

Here are all my favorite places to shop, eat, and drink in ATX!


If you didn’t know, I actually lived in Austin for a year and a half right after college! I moved there the summer before my grad school program started at the University of Texas with two of my best friends, Maddie and Drew. We spent all summer working (but hardly working) at a shoe store that hired all 3 of us! We had a blast living in West Campus, exploring Austin and all the surrounding areas. 

Still to this day, it is one of my most fond periods of life because it is where I fell in love with the love of my life! I met Gil in Key West on spring break a few months before I moved to Austin. After moving to Texas, he responded to my snapchat story showing the fraternity house we lived beside and told me he lived right next door to me. The rest is history!

My sister, Chandler, has been dating Tyler for years and we were SO excited when he planned the big proposal and invited us all to Austin in December to surprise her after the engagement happened! Gil and I couldn’t be happier that he is joining our family and were thrilled to get to go back to Austin to visit as well.

Here are some of my favorite spots and recs in Austin from when I lived there and from visiting since:



Matt’s El Rancho – Bob cheese dip is life changing

Pool Burger – I got the patty melt and I still talk about it regularly haha. Amazing drinks too!

Cisco’s – Best meal I ate in 2020. You HAVE to get the biscuits with honey!

Loro – Asian smokehouse meets TX bbq

Ranch 616 – Gil and I’s first date was here 🙂

Ones I’m dying to try – Aba, Clark’s, Terry Blacks BBQ, Uchi 



Buford’s (West 6th)

Any bar on Rainy Street

Deep Eddy (local dive bar)

P6 (amazing view hidden at the top of The LINE hotel downtown)




Better Half (get the Thai iced coffee – wow)



C Jane

Beehive Boutique

The Domain 

Aviator Nation

All the local shops on South Congress!