Fort Worth, Texas Travel Guide: Exploring The City of Cowboys and Culture

Fort Worth Texas Travel Guide

As you plan your next travel adventure, consider adding Fort Worth, Texas to your list of destinations. Being a main center for ranching, cattle herding, and cowboys, Fort Worth remains deeply connected to its Western roots. It is the picture of what you imagine when you think of the American west. However, it has also evolved into a modern city that offers a wide range of attractions and activities. From the Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District to the Kimbell Art Museum, there are countless opportunities to learn and explore.

Fort Worth Texas Travel Guide

To help you make the most of your visit, I've put together a comprehensive travel guide that highlights some of the best things to see and do in Fort Worth. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, this guide will provide you with insider tips and recommendations to help you navigate the city with ease. So pack your bags, grab your Amazon travel essentials, and get ready to discover all that Fort Worth has to offer.

Fort Worth, Texas Travel Guide

Fort Worth Texas Travel Guide
Fort Worth Texas Travel Guide

If you're planning a trip to Texas, Fort Worth is a must-visit destination. This city is known for its rich history, cowboy culture, and vibrant arts scene. In this guide, you'll find everything you need to know to plan your trip to Fort Worth.

Best Time To Visit Fort Worth, Texas

First, let's talk about the best time to visit Fort Worth. The city has a humid subtropical climate, which means hot summers and mild winters. The best time to visit is in the spring or fall when the weather is mild and you can avoid the scorching summer temperatures.

Best Things To Do In Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth Texas Travel Guide

Fort Worth, Texas has a lot to offer for visitors of all ages and interests. Whether you're interested in art, history, nature, or entertainment, there's something for everyone in this vibrant city. Here are some of the best things to do in Fort Worth:

Stockyards National Historic District
Stockyards National Historic District

If you're interested in the Old West, you won't want to miss the Stockyards National Historic District. This area is home to a variety of attractions, including the Fort Worth Stockyards Station, the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame, and the Cowtown Coliseum. You can also take a guided tour of the district to learn more about its history.

If the wild west is fascinating to you, you may also want to check out the National Cowgirl Museum & Hall of Fame.

The Fort Worth Botanic Garden is a beautiful place to spend a relaxing afternoon. The garden features a variety of plants and flowers from around the world, as well as several themed gardens, including  Japanese Gardens and a Rose Garden. Be sure to bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the scenery.

The Kimbell Art Museum is a modern art museum located in the heart of Fort Worth, Texas. It is one of the most renowned museums in the area and is often referred to as the art museum of Fort Worth. The museum is known for showcasing a diverse range of art, from classical European masterpieces to contemporary works inspired by the Texas wild. With its impressive collection and stunning architecture, the Kimbell Art Museum is a must-visit destination for art lovers in Fort Worth.

The Fort Worth Zoo is one of the top zoos in the country, and for good reason. The zoo features more than 7,000 animals from around the world, including lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!). The zoo also offers several behind-the-scenes tours and animal encounters, so be sure to check the schedule before you go.

The Bass Performance Hall is a beautiful venue that hosts a variety of performances throughout the year, including Broadway shows, concerts, and ballets. Be sure to check the schedule before you go and dress up for a night out.

The Amon Carter Museum of American Art is another must-see for art lovers. The museum features a collection of American art, including paintings, sculptures, and photographs. The museum also hosts special exhibitions throughout the year, so be sure to check the schedule before you go.

The Fort Worth Water Gardens is a unique urban park that features several pools and fountains. The park is a popular spot for photography and relaxation, but be sure to follow the posted rules and stay safe around the water.

With so many things to do in Fort Worth, Texas, you're sure to have a great time no matter what your interests are. Whether you're exploring the city's art scene, learning about its history, or just enjoying the great outdoors, there's something for everyone in this vibrant city.

Best Places to Eat in Fort Worth, Texas

Best Places to Eat in Fort Worth, Texas
food in Fort Worth Texas

Fort Worth, Texas is a food lover's paradise with an abundance of great restaurants to choose from. Whether you're in the mood for Tex-Mex, barbecue, or something more upscale, you're sure to find something to satisfy your cravings.

Here are some of the best places to eat in Fort Worth:

Joe T. Garcias

Joe T. Garcias

This iconic restaurant has been serving up delicious Tex-Mex cuisine since 1935. The atmosphere is lively, the margaritas are strong, and the fajitas are a must-try. While the food wasn't my favorite Mexican food I've ever had, the experience is still a must!

Press Cafe

Located on the banks of the Trinity River, Press Cafe offers stunning views and a menu of healthy, flavorful dishes. Don't miss the avocado toast or the acai bowls.


Reata texas

For a fancy night out, head to Reata for upscale Southwestern cuisine and panoramic views of downtown Fort Worth. The chicken-fried steak and jalapeno-stuffed quail are both popular choices.

Woodshed Smokehouse

Woodshed Smokehouse

Chef Tim Love's Woodshed is a meat lover's dream, with a menu that includes everything from brisket to wild boar ribs. The outdoor patio is a great spot to enjoy a cold beer and some live music.

Wicked Butcher

Located in the historic Sinclair Hotel, Wicked Butcher offers a modern take on the classic steakhouse. The dry-aged ribeye and the truffle fries are both highly recommended.

Paris Coffee Shop

Paris Coffee Shop

This charming diner has been a Fort Worth institution since 1926. Stop in Paris Coffee Shop for a hearty breakfast or a classic burger and fries.

Coco Shrimp

If you're in the mood for seafood, head to Coco Shrimp for some of the best fried shrimp in town. The hushpuppies and fried catfish are also worth a try.


This family-owned burger joint, Kincaid's, has been serving up juicy, flavorful burgers since 1946. The onion rings and milkshakes are also popular choices.

JD's Burgers

Another great spot for burgers, JD's offers a wide variety of toppings and sauces to choose from. The sweet potato fries and fried pickles are both delicious sides.

Provender Hall

This new addition to Fort Worth's food scene, Provender Hall, located in the Stockyard's, offers a menu of globally-inspired dishes made with locally-sourced ingredients. The lamb meatballs and the charred octopus are both standouts.

Lonesome Dove

Chef Tim Love's flagship restaurant, Lonesome Dove offers a menu of creative, upscale Southwestern cuisine. The elk sliders and the wild boar ribs are both must-try dishes.

No matter what you're in the mood for, Fort Worth has plenty of great options to choose from. Bon appétit!

Best Coffee Shops in Fort Worth, Texas

When you're in Fort Worth, there are plenty of coffee shops to choose from. Whether you're looking for a cozy place to work or a spot to catch up with friends, there's something for everyone. Here are two of the best coffee shops in Fort Worth.

Fort Worth Coffee Company

Fort Worth Coffee Company

Fort Worth Coffee Company is a local favorite. They roast their own beans and offer a variety of coffee drinks, including espresso, pour-over, and cold brew. They also have a selection of teas and baked goods. The atmosphere is cozy and welcoming, with plenty of seating and free Wi-Fi. If you're looking for a place to work or study, this is a great option.

Black Rifle Coffee Company

Black Rifle Coffee Company

If you're looking for a more unique coffee experience, check out Black Rifle Coffee Company. This veteran-owned coffee shop offers a variety of coffee drinks, including their popular espresso drinks, and they roast their own beans in-house. They also have a selection of merchandise for sale, including t-shirts and coffee mugs. The atmosphere is patriotic and welcoming, with a focus on supporting the military community.

Overall, Fort Worth has plenty of great coffee shops to choose from. Whether you're looking for a cozy spot to work or a unique coffee experience, you're sure to find something that suits your needs.

Where to Get Drinks in Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth Texas Travel Guide

When it comes to finding a great place to get drinks in Fort Worth, you won't be disappointed. Whether you're looking for a cozy spot to enjoy a glass of wine or a lively bar to grab a beer with friends, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Hotel Drover

One popular spot you MUST visit while in Fort Worth is Hotel Drover. With a rustic-chic atmostphere, the bar features an extensive selection of local craft beers, as well as handcrafted cocktails made with fresh ingredients. You can grab drinks at any of the bars and walk around the beautiful property. 

Reata Rooftop

Reata Rooftop

For a unique experience, head to Reata Rooftop, located in downtown Fort Worth. This rooftop bar offers stunning views of the city skyline and delicious drinks to match. Try their signature prickly pear margarita or a classic Old Fashioned.

Stockyards Bars

Stockyards Bars
Stockyards Bars texas

If you're looking for a more traditional bar experience, check out the bars at the Stockyards, such as White Elephant Saloon and Second Rodeo. These bars have a lively atmosphere and offer a variety of drinks, from cold beer to creative cocktails.

Billy Bob's Texas

Finally, no visit to Fort Worth would be complete without a trip to Billy Bob's. This iconic honky-tonk is the world's largest, with multiple bars and stages featuring live music every night. You can grab a cold beer and dance the night away with locals and visitors alike.

No matter where you go, you're sure to find great drinks and a fun atmosphere in Fort Worth.

Sample Itinerary for Your Weekend in Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth Texas Travel Guide
Fort Worth Texas itinerary sample

If you're planning a weekend getaway to Fort Worth, Texas, there are plenty of fun and exciting activities to choose from. Here's a sample itinerary to help you make the most of your time in this vibrant city.

Friday Night

  • Start your weekend off right by heading to the Reata rooftop on Sundance Square for drinks
  • Enjoy cocktails and watch the sunset with stunning views of the city
  • Afterwards, head to Wicked Butcher for dinner 


  • Begin your day with a delicious espresso at Fort Worth Coffee Company
  • Head to Paris Coffee Shop for a classic breakfast experience
  • Next, spend some time exploring the city's many sights, like the Kimbell Art Museum or the Zoo
  • Late afternoon head to the Stockyards and enjoy the local bars and cowboy culture
  • For dinner, head to Joe T's, a beloved Tex-Mex restaurant 


  • Start your day off with a visit to Black Rifle Coffee Company
  • Next walk around the Fort Worth Water Gardens
  • Enjoy brunch at Press Cafe before heading home

Best Places to Stay in Fort Worth Texas

If you're planning a trip to Fort Worth, Texas, you'll need to find a place to stay. Fort Worth offers a variety of accommodations to fit every budget and preference. Here are some of the best places to stay in Fort Worth.

Luxury Hotels

If you're looking for luxurious hotels in Fort Worth, there are several options available. The following hotels offer top-notch amenities and services:

  • Hotel Drover: This rustic-chic hotel in Fort Worth's historic Stockyards district is a must-visit for anyone looking for an authentic Texas experience. With its Western-inspired decor and modern amenities, the Hotel Drover manages to strike the perfect balance between old and new.
  • The Ashton Hotel: Located in downtown Fort Worth, The Ashton Hotel is a historic boutique hotel that offers luxurious accommodations with modern amenities. The hotel features a restaurant, a bar, and a fitness center.
  • The Omni Fort Worth Hotel: This elegant hotel is located in the heart of downtown Fort Worth, close to many of the city's top attractions. The Omni Fort Worth Hotel features a rooftop pool, a spa, and several dining options.
  • The Worthington Renaissance Fort Worth Hotel: This upscale hotel is located in Sundance Square, a popular shopping and entertainment district in downtown Fort Worth. The hotel features a fitness center, a restaurant, and a bar.

Budget Accommodations

If you're traveling on a budget, there are several affordable options for accommodations in Fort Worth. With many hotels and Airbnb rental options, you can easily find a budget-friendly place to stay. 

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Well, there you have it. I hope you found this helpful and enjoy all Fort Worth has to offer next time you find yourself in the "City of Cowboys and Culture"!

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