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Ways to Treat Your Mom This Mother’s Day Without Breaking the Bank

Mother’s Day is coming up and you are probably starting to think about what you can do for your mom. Instead of buying a gift, doing something thoughtful can be even more meaningful and appreciated. Here are five ways to treat your mom for free or very inexpensively.

Do housework for her

Moms seem to always be busy around the house. Even with grown children, it seems like there’s always something to take care of. So why not give her a day or a week off! Do the laundry, clean the house, or even offer to take care of her errands or shopping. Giving mom some time off will be a real treat.

Take her on a mini trip

This doesn’t have to be a full on vacation or even an overnight trip. Take her to a nearby town with a cute downtown area or beautiful scenery. Just go for a walk and enjoy being somewhere different. Browse shops and window shop. Even though you’ll still be close to home, you may discover somewhere completely new to the both of you.

Write her a letter

When was the last time you told your mom how much you really appreciate her. We all get busy and it’s easy to take the special people in our lives for granted. Writing a letter is much more special than a card and will be something she cherishes forever. Even if you live close to her, mailing it can make it be more of a surprise.

Make her favorite meal

Moms are usually the ones doing a lot of the cooking, so give her a night off and make her favorite dinner. You will probably have to buy something, but chances are you already have some things you need on hand. If you have siblings, get them involved too! You can divide up duties and make her favorite dessert too!

Decorate or rearrange her space

Maybe your mom has always wanted to rearrange her living room, or maybe she has cute spring and summer decor that she hasn’t put out yet Do this for her! She’ll love having a refresh, and bonus, you can even dust and clean the room a bit too, to be even more helpful!

Hopefully, you have gotten some ideas on how to treat your mom. You can make Mother’s Day so special for her without spending a dime.

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