April Beauty Empties

So, I’m often asked about my opinion on certain products and I’m super passionate when I find ones that I think are worth the $$! I’ve always been the girl who loves to try the trendy brands that everyone is raving about. I can’t help but be curious thinking “WHY does everyone love that specific product?” Sometimes it’s hard to tell (without actually trying it out for yourself) whether the product really is worth the hype OR that company is just dang good at marketing.

Let’s be honest… it’s HARD to tell these days whether influencers on Instagram really love products or are just getting paid to rave about them! Well, that’s where I want to help. Plus, I’m tired of getting asked “Do you really love that stuff or were you paid to post?” Valid question for sure, but I want you guys to know I’m never going to promote anything I wouldn’t use myself. I have turned down several paid collaborations already because I wouldn’t actually use the product or I don’t feel aligned with the brand.

Because of this, I’m starting a new section on my blog dedicated only to my SUPER HONEST, blunt reviews of products. I’ll state whether I purchased it with my own $$ or whether the company sent me the product to try so that there is full transparency!

I hope you find this useful!

Disclaimer: Always remember, these are MY specific thoughts on each product. Please keep an open mind and research more reviews before forming your own opinion. My only goal in this is to share products that I am obsessed with and keep you from wasting $$ on the ones I didn’t enjoy!

I have provided links to each product so that you can shop or learn more about them below 🙂


Tan Luxe Face Tanning Drops

Okay, I absolutely LOVE these. Yes, they are more pricey than the Isle of Paradise drops, but I can tell why in the quality. I can use a couple drops of these and see a huge difference; whereas, I have to use twice the amount of the Isle of Paradise dark drops to see the same result. Therefore, Tan-Luxe is worth the price to me because my bottle lasts a lot longer. I also appreciate a beautiful bathroom display, and this bottle looks super luxe (no pun intended) on my shelf.

Tip: I find all tanning drops work better for me when I put on OVER my moisturizer, rather than mixing in!

Shop Tan-Luxe Face Tanning Drops here


Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil

I REALLY wanted to like this oil. I had just run out of a Vitamin C serum I was using and wanted to find a new one, and this product had awesome reviews. I bought the mini sample (seen here) and was not impressed. Squalane is an ingredient being talked about heavily now all of its benefits (and I’m sure it’s great!) but I didn’t like how this product made my face feel. Instead of hydrated and supple, my skin just felt oily.

Shop Biossance Vitamin C Oil here


Modere Trim

If you haven’t seen this all over your Instagram lately, then we clearly don’t follow the same people haha. After seeing other influencers talk about this and share before/afters, I became convinced enough to buy it for myself (and it’s NOT cheap!).

My husband, Gil, and I shared it so we both only ended up using half the bottle. While I believe it does in fact work for those girls who rave about it, it just wasn’t for me. I have a hard time believing a potion like this will magically burn away fat and give you a six pack so maybe I went into it too skeptical to begin with, but I personally wouldn’t buy it again.

Shop Modere Trim here


Modere Liquid Biocell Life Collagen

If I had just tried the Modere Trim, I might would think Modere in itself was just over-hyped, but yall. This collagen WORKS.

Never in my life have I had to cut my nails as much as I have recently! I also just got a haircut and already feel like I could use another. I have to admit, my nails and hair have always grown pretty fast, but there is no doubt in my mind this has sped it up recently. Gil also used this and says the same thing! If you are wanting to grow your hair out or wanting stronger, healthier nails, I’d give this a try. If you click on this link here, I have a coupon that will save you $10!

Shop Modere Liquid Collagen here


Glossier Futuredew

I’ve tried a few Glossier products over the years and I have to be honest. I wasn’t impressed with them at all until I tried this Futuredew serum. If you struggle with your skin getting oily throughout the day, this isn’t for you. However, if you feel like your skin can look dull and want more of a glow, you need to try this! I like using it right before I put my makeup on as a primer and you can see a huge difference in the glow under your makeup. I’ve recommended this to friends and they have told me they are so glad they bought it! I also weirdly love the smell.

Shop Glossier Futuredew here


Tula Rose Glow & Get It

If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen me post about this a time or two already. I just re-purchased this (after one stick lasted me a year!) and will continue to for years because it feels SO GOOD. I use this after I’ve washed my face early in the morning and a few minutes after applying it, I feel like I’m at a spa with cold cucumbers on my eyes. It’s now like caffeine to me.. I have to have it in the mornings! I love this pink one because it brightens your under eyes as well.

Shop Tula Eye Balm here

Until next time!

xo, McKenzie