Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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Think back to last year at this time… we were all in hardcore quarantine, not able to travel to see our families, and very uncertain about what lied ahead in the pandemic. Now think about all the mothers! Trying to homeschool their kids or make sure they actually got on their zoom classes, trying to balance work or lack of work, explain what was going on to their toddlers, and trying to keep it all together for their family.

Doesn’t seem like we can agree on much these days, but I think we can ALL agree, MOMS ARE SUPERHEROES! And we couldn’t do it without them!

To all the brand moms out there, thank you for doing what you do! Also, keeping those who have lost their moms in my thoughts. I can’t imagine how difficult this season must be if you lost your mom too soon.

Since Mother’s Day was pretty much cancelled last year, let’s make it up to all the mamas by showing how much we appreciate them. I’ve put together a list of affordable gifts to suite any kind of mom out there below.

I hope I made shopping easier for you and that you find the perfect gift for your special mom below 🙂



This Tocca perfume in the scent Cleopatra is my FAVORITE! I’ve purchased many bottles over the years and always get compliments when I wear it. It is also very reasonably priced!


Custom Puzzle

What’s better than giving your mom that some quality time? This is a gift your mom will LOVE because she will enjoy doing it with the whole family!

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Mama Necklace

Any adults out there still call your mom “mama”? Then, this would be the sweetest gift! Your mom will love layering this with the necklaces she already wears.


H Blanket

This blanket will make a statement on your mom’s couch! Trust me, she will love displaying this designer-inspired coziness in her home for all to see.


Lux Unfiltered Hydrating Self-Tanner

I personally use this lotion and it’s the BEST of the best as far as gradual self tanners go. It is super hydrating, smells like rosewood, and your mom will love using this when she wants to fake that sunkissed tan.


Designer Inspired Bag

This bag speaks for itself. Super unique but easy enough to use every day. Your mom will be the trendiest out there with this new designer-looking bag at only a fraction of the cost!

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Mama Beaded Bracelet

All the new mama’s out there need this in their wrist stack. They are killing it as moms and deserve to get to show it off on their first Mother’s Day!


Necessaire Hand Cream

We are all washing our hands more these days, but especially the moms! This is the best hand cream out there to hydrate and this will become a new staple in your mom’s purse.


Always Pan

The pan that does everything. Anyone who has this pan raves about how good it is, so if your mom loves to cook, this would be the perfect gift for her!


Jo Malone Candle

Moms deserve to feel luxurious on Mother’s Day and this scent will make the entire house smell just that 🙂 Women love Jo Malone scents, so a candle for her house would be a great gift.


Travel Jewelry Pouch

If your mom is on the go a lot, she needs this to keep her jewelry in! She has enough to worry about packing for everyone else, so she will love keeping her jewelry in this easy to go carrying case.


Photo Book

If any special events took place this past year in your family, a photo book is the way to go! Printing photos is outdated these days, so I personally got my mom one of these of my whole wedding weekend so she can have it as a keepsake and show our other family members!


Mini Handheld Vacuum

If your mom loves to clean as much as mine, she will become absolutely obsessed with this. Not only is this handheld vacuum adorable, but it’s perfect for her to keep in the car or around the house for an easy way to clean up small messes!


Well, that’s it for my 2021 Mother’s Day Gift Roundup! I hope you found this useful and it took a little stress off your hands this year. Feel free to comment any questions here or shoot me a DM over on my Instagram!