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10 Spring Fashion Trends to Watch for

I think we all know by now, I’m always into the latest trends. I love nothing more than taking a risk and trying out a brand new trend that isn’t seen everywhere yet! I have always had the tendency get really excited about new funky trends and that is actually what led me to realizing my passion for all things fashion. I know it can be nerve-wracking to show up to the party in an outfit like someone has never seen before KNOWING you’re going to get some comments. Trust me, I’ve been there so many times. I have found, though, that when you laugh them off and embrace your “trendiness” it becomes a lot more fun than trying to CONVINCE people you are actually dressed cute!

Every time I go home for an occasion or on a trip with my sisters, we always have that moment where they go through my bag and die out laughing at some of the things I’ve brought. When I was young that would have bothered me, but now that I know myself and what makes me happy I join in on the fun and get a lot of laughs out of it too. I’ll never put on one of my “train conductor” hats without giggling out loud thinking of Maddie wearing it in my apartment with her PJ’s. Or put on white boots without thinking of my parents telling me I looked like a Jackson Prep Pacer (shoutout if you know what that is!). I actually look forward to things I know they will find hilarious because they create the best memories and laughs in that moment!

My way of expressing my creativity is how I dress and I love putting together unique outfits that not everyone is going to have on. I’ll admit, it’s easier in a big city like Atlanta than in Mississippi (where I’m from) where trends tend to arrive a few YEARS later. But if you are in somewhere like Mississippi, that’s the perfect opportunity to show off your fashionista self and stand out!

I’ve rounded up the biggest trends for this spring and given lots of examples below! In my collages, you will see my favorite ways of styling theses pieces. There are DEFINITELY ways to get trends wrong…so don’t worry. I’ve gone through and found the best of the best items I personally love and will be rocking myself this spring!

1) Oversized Pants

Well, for one – they are all extremely comfortable so I’m here for that!

Whether it’s relaxed denim, loose trousers, or flare yoga pants, I’m absolutely loving this trend.

Pair them with a fitted top to show your figure hidden by the pants!


2) Hair Accessories

Yes, the bucket hat trend is here to stay. A good neutral way to try it out is a light denim one for spring.

Also, hair scarves are all the rage! There are about 48372 ways to wear them and they add so much fun to any outfit.


3) Sorbet Colors

I don’t think it’s possible to be sad while wearing these happy colors, resembling a child’s scoop of ice cream on a warm spring day.

And mixed together, they are even more gorgeous!


4) A Pop of Yellow!

Did you know the pantone colors for the year are yellow and grey?

If yellow clothing is too much for you, try adding a bright yellow accessory like a bag or pair of sneakers!


5) Vests

I’ll admit I’ve never been a vest gal. Maybe because they just don’t feel feminine to me. But these pictured, I would totally wear!

My favorite vest trend I’m seeing is wearing a long button down shirt with a shorter sweater vest on top as a dress.


6) Puff sleeves

If you thought puff sleeves had run their course already, think again. These cuties aren’t going anywhere and only seem to be getting puffier!


7) Chunky Flats and Boots

The chunky “dad sneakers” are still around, but now it looks as if girls are starting to also incorporate their dad’s loafers to the wardrobe. I personally love them seen on the left with white crew socks!

Rubber boots (looking like rain boots) are also a big hit right now in cream for spring.


8) White Boots

Boots for spring? Yes please!

We are seeing the white boots just get higher with knee-high ones being very in right now.

There are some for every vibe too – boho western, retro square toe, patent, you name it

Leather Pants.png

9) Leather pants – but colors!

Leather doesn’t have to just be for cold temperatures only. How gorgeous are these spring colors?!

Try out this trend with some cream leather pants or go straight to rocking a bright color if you’re feeling bold.

Tennis Skirts.png

10) Tennis Skirts

I saved my FAVORITE for last!

You don’t have to be a member of the country club to get to rock a cute tennis skirt, thank goodness.

You can tailor this trend completely to your style: the sporty athletic girl, the comfy sweatshirt vibe, or dress it up with some boots.



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