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Winter Accessory Trends 2022

Is it just me or does anyone else f eel like the cold weather completely bypasses the holidays these days and hits HARD in January? Maybe with all the holiday cheer gone, the chilly temperatures are just easier to notice or if you are in the South like me, the beginning couple months of the year are pretty much our only winter. Either way, I’m here to share with you all the latest winter fashion accessory trends for 2022 to combat the cold while looking cute!
1. Chunky scarves:

Scarves have been a winter trend as long as I can remember, but the way the scarves are made or how you style them does change over time. What is popular this season? Big, chunky scarves. And I mean, the chunkier the better! Both prints and solid colored chunky scarves seem to be everywhere.

Here are a couple tips on how to wear them:

Match the color of your scarf to another accessory in your outfit. Have a hot pink chunky scarf over an all black outfit? Grab a beanie in the matching color to style with it. Have a printed blue and green striped scarf? Match your bag or booties to a shade in the scarf for a well-thought out complete look.
2. Leg warmers:

Now this is a trend I see many people scared of, but leg warmers can be a great accessory to add over leggings or when wearing a skirt or dress. Think of them as basically an extension of your socks. Leg warmers look super cute dressed up by styling them over opaque tights with a mini skirt and jacket. They also look adorable dressed down over leggings with sneakers and a puffer jacket.

My personal favorite way to wear them? I love styling my leg warmers over my loafers with a mini skirt and long jacket.
3. Earmuffs

Have you ever seen such a cute accessory?! I absolutely love that earmuffs are making an appearance with regular outfits everywhere and not just up on ski mountains. From neutral tones to a pop of color, any and all color earmuffs are on trend now. Most of the ones I’m seeing are a furry fabric or Sherpa material. And both are adorable!

4. Mittens

As you might have guessed from reading about all of the other winter accessory trends so far, the more dramatic the piece, the better. No exceptions made when it comes to mittens either! What kind of mittens are in style now? Fluffy mittens, furry mittens, bright colors, thick fur trims, pom poms hanging. You get the drill. I can confidently say I have never seen a pair of mittens/gloves steal the thunder of an entire outfit…until this year! Done right, you will have everyone asking where you got those adorable mittens.

Tip for styling mittens:
Find a furry pair in a pop of color that accentuates a really muted color in your outfit. This will make them blend in nicely but also get the attention they deserve.

5. Mini uggs

If you also wore Ugg boots religiously in high school, you are in luck! Uggs have come back around and I can already hear your feet rejoicing. However, as with most recircling trends, they are back with a twist. This time, the Ugg boots have only gotten shorter. The two styles of furry boots that keep getting sold out everywhere are the Ugg Minis and the Ugg Ultra Minis. Think the same boots you know and love but about ankle height.

How to wear the new Ugg Minis and Ultra Minis?
These new height of boots look great under flared leggings or yoga pants. They also are being styled with or without crew socks showing over the edge and leggings. Your ankles may feel a cold breeze, but totally worth it when you see how cute these are.

6. Fleece lined tights

The tights that have taken over TikTok. Genius, too, if I might add! Haven’t seen them yet? The popular tights have an opaque look to them by being slightly skin colored under the black material. Lined with fleece on the inside, they are much warmer than your typical sheer tights, which is great for the month of January. Because who wants to have to choose between an outfit you want to wear and an outfit you need to wear to stay warm?

Tip for styling these tights:
Wear these fleece lined, opaque tights under a mini skirt with black booties and a pair of leg warmers up to your mid calf. I guarantee you will be the cutest, warmest girl there in a skirt!

7. Balaclava

Okay, I’m not going to lie. I giggled when I saw this trend come up. Although I have seen it styled in some fashion brand’s shoots and in the trend forecasting, I have yet to come across one of these in person. Wondering what a balaclava is? I was too. It is basically a detached hood that has a hole for the face to poke out (or sometimes just the eyes). While I cannot see myself wearing one of these around Atlanta, maybe it will catch on in areas with colder weather. Some even say balaclavas are going to replace beanies! I am not sure about that, but I am sure this is a trend to watch. I expect to see more brands putting out different versions of these and to start seeing more of them on the runways and in street style photos.

My tip if you want to try this out?
Go check out Free People. Somehow they tend to nail every single trend, not only having the cutest versions of trends to offer, but also how they style accessories.


Well, there you have it – the winter accessory trends for 2022. Whether you are rolling your eyes or your brain is buzzing with ideas of how to incorporate these trends into your cozy outfits, I hope you leave feeling comforted that you can have it all – both warmth and style.
What trend are you most excited about this season? I would love to know in the comments 

Talk soon! Xo, McKenzie


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